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We've been with Clean Water Systems since November of 2010. In 2005 we had a 200 foot well drilled. It provided us with plenty of water but it also gave us bacterial iron. We had a filter installed by a company out of Atlanta that did not remove this iron contamination. After they tried to remove it several times we contacted Clean Water. Raymond tested the water and recommended a system that would remove the iron and soften the water. It did just that and we have been very pleased with the results I highly endorse Clean Water.

Buzz Verneau
Harlem, GA

Prior to calling Clean Water Systems, we were experiencing several troublesome issues with our well water.  Our toilets had orange streaks and stains, silverware and glasses were coming out of the dishwasher with white residue, outdoor sprinklers were clogging up with small black 'crystals', and (the most troublesome really) a leak in a hot water supply line - one our plumber attributed to hard water corrosion.  We were concerned that the hard water would corrode more water supply lines and damage our water heater.  

Raymond spent a morning with us testing the water and explaining how the water softener system would address our concerns.  He installed the Impression Plus Series softener and a sediment filter for the whole house and a reverse osmosis water treatment system in the kitchen.

No more orange streaks and stains in the toilets.  Spotless silverware and glasses.  Sprinklers that run as long as I need them.  No more leaks in copper hot water supply lines.  No need to buy bottled water.

We are completely satisfied with both the system and Raymond.  He is very attentive and always friendly.  It's a pleasure to have him come out to maintain our system - it just doesn't require that maintenance very often! 

Earldene Tinley
Appling, GA

I can't thank you enough for the help with my water system.  I had no idea the problems I would be confronted with upon using a "well" for the first time.  After dealing with the "rotten egg" smell ( sulfur)  and staining (iron) of all my sinks and toilets, I was truly questioning my decision to move out to the country.  Your knowledge of what system was needed for my home and the promptness in which you came to install it, was very impressive.  I am so happy with the results and now truly have the peaceful country living that I had dreamed of.

My sincerest thanks,
Sandie Lynce