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Waste-Reducing Water Coolers & Commercial Water Solutions

We all know that happy, healthy employees are more productive. The commercial water solutions from Clean Water Systems in Augusta, Georgia, such as our bottleless water coolers, can improve both of those factors. By creating less waste, your employees will feel more proud of their impact on the environment, and the high-quality water provided by our system help ensure optimal health for every employee.

Dedicated Commercial Water Solutions

In addition to our residential solutions, we are proud to offer a wide range of clean water solutions to commercial offices and businesses. You have access to a variety of customizable solutions designed to meet the needs of individual industries and businesses. From point-of-use filtration systems to point-of-entry systems, Clean Water Systems provides the finest solutions for commercial water filtration needs.

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The Bottleless Water Cooler

This water cooler is useful in any office space or large industrial plant. They've grown in popularity over the years, as individuals and businesses across the country become more conscious of eliminating the manufacture and disposal of plastics. This cooler allows an unlimited supply of fresh, filtered water without the hassle of storing bottled water, lifting 40-pound bottles, or making a mess when attempting to install them. It is also a cost-effective alternative to bottles.

Our water coolers tap into your current water supply with a ¼" water line to the desired location of your cooler. It has a filtration system built in that delivers fresh, filtered water every time the cup is filled. Freestanding floor models and countertop models are both available, as well as options for hot and cold or room temperature and cold water.

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